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Sense Fate & Fortune

You can intuitively discern the weakness in any system, be it a person, or a group, or a concept. As well, you may also intuitively discern the strengths of a system, which parts are more favored or lucky. You can also detect the forces, or lack, of Entropy in a target. In game terms, if the mage knows a subject's weakness,the mage may retest once. The weakness must apply to the situation.
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate

Ring of Truth

You may use your sense of destiny and Entropy to discern if something being said to them is truthful or falsehood. A simple challenge is required to use this effect.
Cost: 1 mental trait for every Subterfuge level of the target (min of 1 mental trait)


Control Probability

By starting small, you can affect very small events by manipulating random chance. Note, however, that you cannot nullify or supersaturate an event with randomness. You can merely affect the probabilities involved with a single event that is only controlled by one instance of random chance. A successful casting using this sphere allows you a retest in any non-magickal effect test in which you have 2 or fewer Ability traits (beginners luck).
Cost: 1 mental trait


Affect Predictable Patterns

You can increase or decease the rate at which metals rust, woods decay, fabric rots, a complex piece of machinery break down., etc. Conversely, you can cause a complex machine to function without flaw (etc) for the duration of the effect.
Cost: 2 mental traits to make time go twice as fast, or twice as slow


Affect Life

You can age targets 5 years or reduce the probability for deformity and disease. This effect is cumulative, with 3 successes making a child insulated from any sort of disease, short of a massive plague, for life. Note that this only affects probability, not vitality or beauty. Note that direct and vulgar entropy attacks cause aggravated damage.: 2 mental traits to age someone five years, etc
Cost: 3 mental traits to cause one level of aggravated damage

Affect Thought

You expand your control over the forces of Entropy by studying the ways in which entropy affects ideas and thoughts. Forgetfulness, distractions, short attention spans, even deranged and damaged minds fall under this category. The limit of the Master of Entropy is the individual - the Master can destroy the thought of an individual, not the base concept upon which the thought was formed.
Cost: Destroy a thought or idea (1 mental,) add a derangement (2 mental) To make any of above permanent, it costs 1 willpower trait.


Binding Oath

When cast, this effect ensures that a pact or promise is carried through. The mage administering or giving that oath may call down the force of Destiny to witness the proceedings and punish anyone who breaks the oath.
Cost: 1 willpower per oath