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Immediate Spatial Perceptions

You can intuitively sense how objects relate to space, calculate the exact volume of objects, the distance between objects, and are able to sense objects in their immediate vicinity without having to perceive them through the normal five senses. In addition, you may choose to just sense the range and dimensionality of an area, effectively giving you a kind of 'sonar' effect. You would see no colors, only the contours of faces. Note that this effect only effects your immediate surroundings - this cannot sense outside of line of sight.
Cost: One mental trait to activate


Sense Space

You can now send your perceptions to any point in space by shifting their relationship to the Correspondence Point. You may relocate any or all of your senses to another point in space, as long as it is within the proper range. You must have been to the location yourself and remember it clearly, or have a clear mental picture. The senses function normally at this new point in space, but you can no longer sense the immediate vicinity around yourself - only the new location.
Cost: One mental trait for per location

Touch Space

You can, with conjunctional Disciple Life or Matter (or both) teleport small objects to and from yourself. You can shift objects up to a maximum size of a house cat. You must grasp the object during the teleportation.
Cost: One mental trait per item


You may prevent scrying or remote sensing in an area of space by reinforcing the tapestry of an area. Upon a successful magickal effect casting, the area of space is protected by this ward for 10 minutes. The effect can be cumulative. Whenever someone wishes to remotely scry this area, they must win a static mental challenge.
Cost: One mental trait for each 10 minutes.


Pierce Space

You can teleport yourself and everything you are carrying to another area in space. This can be used to evoke the 'Fair Escape' rule in virtually any situation. Upon success, you state that you 'disappear' and walk to your new location in space, using an out-of-game hand signal, and tell the people in the new area that you reappear, oriented in any way you deem fit. Lastly, this power allows you to slide objects through space, simulating telekinesis or levitation. Again, objects being moved can be no bigger than a common house cat, but weight is no option - only size.
Cost: 2 mental traits for yourself
1 mental trait for each object

Seal Gate

You may also prevent others from remotely spying on an area with this power. Every Correspondence effect that involves opening or playing with the Tapestry of the area (ie, Remote sensing/Teleportation) , the new mage must first spend a willpower point then win a static mental challenge. Only then can the new mage attempt the correspondence effect.
You may also ban a certain type of pattern from an area of space by casting this power conjunctionally with the Disciple level powers of all patterns involved.
Note that this effect cannot effect magickal effects or the incarnations of paradox.
Cost: 2 mental traits

Co-Locality Perceptions

Also, at this level of understanding, you may potentially perceive all points in space at the same time. While this may seem to be a stupid idea, it can be very useful, and also very trippy. You may 'stack' their perceptions, perceiving all the wanted points in space at the same time. The result is a convoluted landscape of many ghostly images. You may co-locate their perceptions as many times as they have mental traits, and differentiating between one scene and another requires a static mental challenge.
Cost: 2 mental traits for the first, 1 mental trait per additional level


Rend Space

You can open 'pathways' through space to join two areas via a 'doorway'. These pathways usually take the form of a two-dimensional 'window', showing what exists on the other side of the doorway, but can take on another appearance if you so desire. You may open a 'doorway' between two areas of space. Passage through this doorway is free as long as the doorway remains open. This effect is quite vulgar.
Cost: 3 mental traits

Reality Bubble

You may create 'pockets' of space that do not interact with the rest of space. This creates a pocket dimension within three-dimensional space which is cut off from the rest of space, roughly human-sized. This effect is quite vulgar.
Cost: 3 mental traits


Mutate Localities

You can affect distances and sizes around you, stretching and shrinking them however you seem fit. The mass of the area of space cannot change, but the size and shape is fair game to you. You may warp space about you however you desire.
Cost: 1 willpower for each effect


You may take two areas of space and 'stack' them, having them both occupy the same 'area' of space simultaneously. Interaction is free between the two areas. Nothing inside the areas of space is damaged - when two objects occupy the same area of space, they simply do not interact until they are separated.
Cost: 1 willpower for a small room ( add mental traits for larger areas)


You can exist at multiple areas at the same time. You can interact in each area. There are no copies, they are all the same mage. Therefore one is indistinguishable from the others. Unless you uses mind magick with this effect, each mage acts in the same manner. You are affected by both areas ( if you get shot in one area, all have been shot, etc).
Cost: 1 willpower for each extra mage