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Because Forces is a pattern magick, Initiate level Prime is required to create energy. If your effect requires in increase of energy, you must be an Initiate of Prime.


Perceive Forces

You may sense any energy you wish, or the lack there of, You can see in the dark, perceive x-rays, sense motion, or hear the slightest of noises. After activation, you may perceive any force that is not cluttered or jumbled with background noise. A 'noisy' background, however, will require spending an extra mental trait.
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate, +1 mental trait if 'noisy'


Control Minor Forces

You can manipulate both the positive forces (sound, light, heat, etc), as well as the negative forces (silence, darkness, cold, etc). You cannot fundamentally change the force you are manipulating; the force must retain it's polarity (positive/ negative),but you can change it's direction of force.
Cost: 1 mental trait per effect


Transmute Minor Forces

You may now change one force to another; flip positive to negative, or create or destroy forces at will. This effect may be casted conjunctionally with the spheres of matter or life to transmute the patterns of those spheres to a force, or vice versa. You may only do one level of damage per target using this level.
Cost: 2 mental traits per effect


Control Major Forces

This sphere works like the Initiate level , but the maximum amount of force controllable by that level of forces is the minimum for this one. You may focus the light of the sun onto a powerful laser, cloak football fields with prismatic illusions, redirect missiles in mid-flight, melt glaciers, or throw around mack trucks like rag dolls. You may also erect protective wards against these self-same forces, fireproofing themselves or a building, protecting ships from storms, etc. You may only do 3 levels of damage using this level.
Cost: 3 mental traits per effect, 1 willpower trait for permanent effect (warding)


Transmute Major Forces

This level of forces functions like the Disciple level of this sphere, but like the Adept level, it's maximum degree of control is this level's minimum.
Cost: 1 willpower per effect, + 1 willpower for permanent (warding)