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If your effect requires the creation of life patterns, you must be an Initiate of Prime. As well, the Life sphere divides all life into 2 divisions - simple life patterns, such as plants, virii, bacteria, insects, shellfish, anything invertebrate, and complex life patterns, such as cats, rats, puppy dogs, humans, bears, etc..


Sense Life

You can read the patterns of life, learning a lot about it - it's age, sex, race, etc.
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate


Alter Simple Patterns

You can alter, heal or destroy any simple life pattern. The base structure of the pattern cannot fundamentally change - a tree will still be a tree, even if it has poisonous fruit now.
Cost: 1 mental trait per effect

Heal Self

You can heal damage to your own life pattern. The maximum number of health levels healed in one session by this effect is determined by your Arete level. You may heal 1 health level each 15 minutes, or each 5 rounds. Aggravated damage cannot be healed by magickal means.
Cost: 1 mental trait per level


Alter Self

You may now alter your own form. You cannot change your fundamental form (human) (hopefully), but you can change appearance, sex, modify yourself to give you fur, gills, or natural weaponry, or improve your stats. You may receive one temporary physical trait for every 2 mental traits bid for the rest of the session. If this total goes over the maximum number of trait for your race, you gain a permanent point of paradox for each trait above your trait maximum (after the effect is successfully cast). This effect is usually considered vulgar.
Cost: 1 mental traits per temporary physical trait, 2 mental traits per alteration

Heal/ Harm Life

You may heal (or harm) other complex life patterns. The maximum number of health levels healed (or inflicted) on the target pattern is determined by you's Arete level. You must be in physical contact with the target. As well, vulgar life effects cause aggravated damage. You can now heal/damage 1 level every 10 minutes, or 3 rounds.
Cost: 2 mental traits for the first level of damage/healing, +1 for each additional level

Transform/Create Simple Life Patterns

The structure of simple life patterns are now at your the beck and call. You can turn them inside out, change one into another, or create them from other patterns, using conjunctional Matter, Forces or Prime effects. Although nothing that you makes has a mind of it's own, but with most simple life patterns that is rarely a drawback. Instinctive reflexes may be imbued into the target using Mind magick , but that is the limit.
Cost: 2 mental traits per 1 - 50 insects, plants, etc.


Alter Complex Patterns

You can control complex life patterns, such as humans, dogs, rats, cats, and elephants. You can change their form, give them weird new organs, heal them, or kill them. They may be imbued with new physical traits or have physical traits removed for the duration of the effect (see Alter Self). For healing or damage, the target must be in line of sight. It takes 8 minutes or two turnsper level of healing or damage.
Cost: 3 mental traits per effect/ per target ( damage is controlled by the caster, to a maximum health levels of your's Arete rating.

Transform Self

You may also alter your form to resemble that of any other form of an equivalent size. You may become a deer, not a mouse. Special abilities also do not carry over without additional Life effects, and navigating in the new form does take some time to do.
Cost: 3 mental traits per transformation ( 1 hour to completely transform)


Transform Complex Patterns

You may now transform others in the same fashion as the Adept level of this power. The same rules for Transform Self apply here.
Cost: 1 willpower ( 1 hour to transform)

Create Complex Forms

You can now create complex life forms like humans, dogs, rats, cats, and humans . Your creations have no minds or souls, but can be given instinctive reactions that can fake some instances of instinctual intelligence, and if the pattern was created by transmuting one pattern into the complex life pattern, it will still retain the resonance of it's previous form. A handgun changed into a hamster will be a stupid, yet bloodthirsty, hamster.
Cost: 1 willpower per form

Perfect Metamorphosis

Your control of transformation, however, is perfect when applied to yourself. There is no period of adjustment, and you retain your mind and magickal abilities regardless of the form you assume. You also gain all the natural abilities of your new form without extra Life effects.
Cost: 1 willpower per form/ one hour per form