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Matter is a pattern magick. If any effect you wish to cast requires you creating new matter, you must be an Initiate of Prime.


Matter Perceptions

You can sense the patterns of Matter, letting you know their composition, structure, if anything is hidden inside them, any property of matter.
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate


Basic Transformation

You may transform one base substance into another, without changing it's shape, temperature, or basic state (solid, liquid, or gas). The more drastic the transformation, the more mental traits.
Cost: 1 - 2 mental traits, see above


Alter Form

You can change the shape or other properties of matter patterns, such as boiling point, melting point, color, or density. These changes last for as long as the effect duration, then resume their normal configuration afterwards. Permanent changes are not possible until Mastery has been achieved. The degree of change is at your whim, but must still be within the realm of common sense.
Cost: 1 - 2 mental traits per alteration

Pattern Disassociatio

n This is a cool effect. You take two matter patterns and, if this effect is successfully casted, those two matter patterns cannot interact with each other at all - they will pass through each other as if the other wasn't there. Both patterns must be matter patterns, and of a size equivalent.
Cost: 2 mental traits per effect


Complex Transmutation

You may now perform radical changes to physical materials and craft complex and intricate items involving several common substances and a few rare ones, as well as moving parts. The complexity of whatever is created is still bound by the cutting edge of current technology.
Cost: 3 mental traits per transmutation

Advanced Healing

You can heal aggravated damage in yourself and others. This effect is usually considered vulgar. Paradox backlash cannot be healed through magick.
Cost : 3 mental traits per level, one level per two turns


Alter Properties

You can make really weird stuff. The same as the previous levels of transmutation, alteration and creation, but the rules are out the window. (Yes, transparent aluminium, Scotty).
Cost: 1 willpower