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Sense Thoughts and Emotions

You can sense the thoughts around you. You can not yet read them, but can get general impressions about the mind of those around you. You may read the target's aura to determine their emotional state.
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate, 1 mental trait for specific object

Empower Self

Eidetic memory, lightning-fast computation, mind-over-body control of biological processes, everything of that sort is available to you. You may change their emotional state of mind, trains of thought, speed up or slow down your rate of thought, edit your own memories, control biological processes, etc. You may also form a mental barrier to prevent mental intrusion.
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate barrier


Subliminal Impulse

You may transmit a simple command to a target, which affects them in a very insidious manner. The command cannot be obviously suicidal or go against the nature of the target.
Cost: 1 mental trait per impulse
Read Surface Thoughts You can now read the surface thoughts of minds, as well as sense memories attached to objects (basic psychometry).
Cost: 1 mental trait per impulse
Window Dressing With a successful magickal effect, you may erect fake mental structures, such as changing your surface thoughts, or auras. Every successful casting allows you to modify one aspect of your surface thoughts or color of aura to fool or confuse those attempting to read you.
Cost: 1 mental trait


Mental Link

You may communicate freely with someone by establishing a mental link with you. Once the mental link is established, it can only be ceased by the casting mage, or by the effect running out ( 15 minutes or 5 rounds). If the subject is willing, no test is required. If the subject is not willing, then you must bid a mental trait for every willpower trait of the target (after the effect has been cast). Once the connection is established, the two parties may communicate freely to one another, using either words or mental imagery. The casting mage may try to read the mind of the target, and can do so by beating them in a mental challenge. The casting mage may also project perceptual illusions into the mind of the other party and, if they beat them in a social challenge, the target believes that illusion to be true. Illusions may be of any perception that is deemed necessary, but cannot do damage.
Cost: 2 mental traits to establish connection, +1 mental trait for each illusion


Control Conscious Mind

At this level, you can now control the thoughts of another. Once a mental link is established, you gain control of the target. You may send complex commands to the target which must be obeyed, even suicidal actions or actions that would violate the target's nature. You can also change the memory of target, or may implant mental barriers or blocks, cure or create mental imbalances, or alter the target's aura to display color and textures of you's choosing. If the effect wears off , the target's mind reasserts itself. The thoughts and memories remain intact, but their Demeanor will remain in the state you left it in. You may only give direct orders, and cannot change the target's Nature or subconscious mind.
Cost: 3 mental traits to establish control, 1 mental trait per separate effect ( no tests after control is established)

Astral Projection

You may make short excursions into the penumbra by leaving their dream. This effect allows you to leave their body for a maximum of 30 minutes and they may return to their body at any time.
Cost: 3 mental traits


Control Subconscious

You may completely rewrite an individual's personality, not only modifying their thoughts and memories, but rewriting their subconscious personality as well. A mental link must still be established, and each modification is still a magickal effect, but any aspect of the target's mind may be modified at this level.
Cost: 1 willpower to take complete control,

Forge Psyche

You may now create another conscious, rational mind from nothing, and implant it into another object. The mind will be whatever you wishes it to be. It has a number of mental and social traits divided among the quintessence traits invested, to a normal human maximum. You may add extra mental traits to yourself via the same process as the Life Effect Alter Self.
Cost: 1 willpower, + quintessence traits required