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Nature and Demeanor


Nature describes your character's dominant personality while Demeanor describes how your character acts in social situations. Nature and Demeanor may be different or the same. Demeanors may change frequently over a story, or even a session, but Natures change very rarely. The list below are suggestions only, if you can think of another, please use it.

Architect: You are unhappy unless you are creating something of lasting value.

Avant - Guarde: You must be the first to do or discover anything.

Bon - Vivant: Life is meaningless, so enjoy what there is.

Bravo: You like to be feared.

Caregiver: You need people to need you.

Conformist: You are a follower at heart.

Conniver: There's always an easier way.

Critic: Nothing except yourself is ever quite good enough for you.

Curmudgeon: You're a real cynic and sourpuss.

Deviant: You're simply not like anyone else.

Director: You hate chaos and take charge to end it.

Fanatic: You have a cause or goal that gives your life meaning.

Jester: You can't take anything seriously.

Judge: You seek justice for people.

Loner: You are forever alone, even in a crowd.

Martyr: You have the instinct for self - sacrifice.

Rebel: You struggle against the status quo.

Survivor: You struggle to survive despite all odds.

Traditionalist: You prefer the tried-and-true methods.

Visionary: Wisdom is your greatest quest and greatest gift.


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