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Negative Mental Traits

Forgetful You have trouble remembering even important things.
Gullible Easily deceived, duped, or fooled.
Ignorant Uneducated or misinformed, never seeming to know anything.
Impatient Restless, anxious and generally intolerant of delays. You want everything to go your way - immediately.
Oblivious Unaware and unmindful. You'd be lucky if you noticed an airplane flying through your living room.
Predictable Because you lack originality or intelligence, even strangers can easily figure out what you intend to do next. Not a very good Trait for chess players.
Shortsighted Lacking foresight. You rarely look beyong the superficial; details of perception are usually lost on you.
Submissive No backbone; you relent and surrender at any cost rather than stand up for yourself.
Violent An extreme lack of self-control. You fly into rages at the slightest provocation, and loss of control is always close to the surface. This is a Mental Trait because it represents mental instability.
Witless Lacking the ability to process information quickly. Foolish and slow to act when threatened.