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Negative Physical Traits

Clumsy Lacking physical coordination, balance and grace. You are prone to stumbling and droping objects.
Cowardly Int threatening situations, saving your own neck is all that is important. You might even flee when you have the upper hand, just out of habit.
Decrepit You move and act as if you are old and infirm. You recover from physical damage slowly, are unable to apply full muscular strength, and tire easily.
Delicate Fraile and weak in structure; you are easily damaged by physical harm.
Docile The opposite of the Ferocious and Tenacious Traits; you lack physical persistence and tend to submit rather than fight long battles.
Flabby Your muscles are underdeveloped. You cannot apply your strength well against resistance.
Lame You are disabled in one or more limbs. The handicap can be as obvous as a missing leg or as subtle as a dysfunctional arm.
Lethargic Slow and drowsy. You suffer from a serious lack of energy or motivation.
Puny You are weak and inferior in strength. This could mean diminutive size.
Sickly Weak and feeble. Your body responds to physical stress as if it were in the throes of a debilitating illness.