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Negative Social Traits

Bestial You have started to resemble the beast within us all. Maybe you have clawlike fingernails, heavy body hair or a feral glint in your eyes; you seem inhuman.
Callous You are unfeeling, uncaring, and insensitive to the suffering of others.
Condescending You just can't help it; your contempt for others is impossible to hide.
Dull Those with whom you speak usually find you boring and uninteresting. Conversing with you is a chore. You do not present yourself well to others.
Naive You lack the air of worldliness, sophistication or maturity that most carry.
Obnoxious You are annoying or unappealing in speech, action or appearance.
Repugnant Your appearance disgusts everyone around you. Needless to say, you make a terrible forst impression with strangers.
Shy You are timid, bashful, reserved and socially hesitant.
Tactless You are unable to do or say things that others find appropriate to the social situation.
Untrustworthy You are rumored or percieved to be untrustworthy and unreliable (whether you are or not).