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Physical Traits

Athletic You have conditioned your body to respond well in full-body movements, especially in competitive events
Brawny Bulky muscular strength.
Brutal You are capable of taking nearly any action in order to survive.
Dexterous  General adroitness and skill involving the use of one's hands.
Enduring  A persistant sturdiness against physical opposition.
Energetic A powerful force of spirit. A strong internal drive propels you and, in physical situations, you can draw on a deep reservoir of enthusiasm and zeal.
Ferocious Possession of brutal intensity and extreme physical determination.
Graceful Control and balance in the motion and use of the entire body.
Lithe Characterized by flexibility and suppleness.
Nimble Light and skillful; able to make agile movements.
Quick Speedy, with fast reaction time.
Resilient Characterized by strength of health; able to recover quickly from bodily harm.
Robust Resistant to physical harm and damage.
Rugged Hardy, rough, and brutally healthy. Able to shrug off wounds and pain to continue struggling.
Stalwart Physically strong and uncompromising against opposition.
Steady More than simply physically dependable: controlled, unfaltering and balanced. You have a firm mastery over your efforts.
Tenacious Physically determined through force of will. You often prolong physical confrontations, even when it might not be wise to do so.
Tireless You have a runner's stamina - you are less taxed by physical efforts than ordinary people.
Tough A harsh, aggressive attitude and a reluctance ever to submit.
Vigorous A combination of energy, power, intensity and resistance to harm.
Wiry Tight, streamlined, muscular strength.