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Etheric Senses

You can sense quintessence and the amount of quintessence that is being stored. You can sense the free quintessence whether it is stored in a talisman, stored in a pattern, stored in an avatar, coming out of a node, or in the form of tass and the amount of quintessence that is there.
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate


Weave Idyllic Force

You may infuse a weapon with Primal force, allowing it to do aggravated damage to supernatural creatures. This enchantment lasts as long as the current combat, then wears off. Each time the weapon is used to inflict an aggravated level of damage, one point of quintessence must be spent. If the weapon enchanted is being used by a non-mage, then the casting mage may 'charge' the effect with a number of quintessence points by casting this conjunctionally with Channel Quintessence. In this case, the charged quintessence is used instead of the user's quintessence. Also, you may divert a small amount of a Life pattern's quintessence flow away, causing a great amount of pain and disruption to targets, and they start to flicker in and out of reality. Upon successful casting, the target of the spell is stunned and cannot function for the next 2 rounds. The target may spend a point of quintessence to smooth this ripple effect out (Or a Disciple of prime may spend it for them).
Cost: 1 mental trait per weapon, + 1 quintessence for each use
1 mental traits to stun each target

Fuel Pattern

This is needed to create any of the Pattern magicks: Forces, Life and Matter. If you wish to create a pattern, the pattern magick must be casted conjunctionally with this level of prime, or it will not work. Cost: 1 mental trait


Channel Quintessence

You may act as a conduit for free quintessence. You may channel up to five points of free quintessence from one pattern to either your character or another pattern for every successful casting.
Cost: 2 mental traits


Expel Base Energy

You may pull raw quintessence out of static patterns, changing the degree to which they manifest in reality. The raw quintessence is recycled back into the Universal pool of quintessence, and cannot be captured by you. You may extract the quintessence from the pattern and have it fade into nothingness. This affect can be used conjunctionally with the Initiate level of the pattern magick to dissolve certain parts of a pattern, otherwise the entire pattern is affected.
Note: the recycling of the raw quintessence of patterns is considered a damaging magickal effect, which does 3 levels of aggravated damage, and the effect is usually vulgar.
Cost: 3 mental traits


Alter Flow

You may control established flows of quintessence, such as those that flow between a life pattern and the pool of quintessence. As with Expel Base Energy, the quintessence is recycled back into the universal quintessence pool. You may attempt to extinguish the spark of life within a pattern, having it fall dead, then fade into nothingness. This effect deals fatal damage to most supernaturals( 5 levels of aggravated damage), and is usually quite vulgar. A mage with Initiate level Life knowledge may cast this effect conjunctionally with Initiate level Life to affect only part of the Life pattern, otherwise the effect affects the entire pattern.
Lastly, a mage may channel a quintessence blast in a way that nullifies paradox energy not stored within a pattern.
Cost: 1 willpower for fatal damage, 1 willpower to dispel 5 pts of paradox