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Social Traits

Alluring An attractive and appealing presence that inspires desire in others.
Beguiling The skill of deception and illusion. You can twist the perceptions of others and lead them to believe what suits you.
Charismaticd The talent of inspiration and motivation, the sign of a strong leader.
Charming Your speech and actions make you appear attractive and appealing to others.
Commanding Impressive delivery of orders and suggestions. This implies skill in the control and direction of others.
Compassionate Deep feelings of care or pity for others.
Dignified Something about your posture and body carriage appears honorable and aeshetically pleasing. You carry yourself well.
Diplomatic Tactful, careful, and thoughtful in speech and deed. Few are displeased with what you say or do.
Elegant Refined tastefulness. Even though you don't need money to be elegant, you exude and air of richness and high society.
Eloquent The ability to speak in an interesting and cinvincing manner.
Empathetic Able to identify and understand the emotions and moods of people with whom you come in contact.
Expressive Able to articulate thoughts in interesting, significant meaningful ways.
Friendly Able to fit in with everyone you meet. Even after a short conversation, most find it difficult to dislike you.
Genial Cordial, kindly, warm, and pleasant. You are pleasing to be around.
Gorgeous Beautiful or handsome. You were born with a face and body that is goodlooking to most people you meet.
Ingratiating Able to gain the favor of people who know you.
Intimidating A frightening or awesome presence that causes others to feel timid.
Magnetic People feel drawn to you; those areound you are interested in your speech and actions.
Persuasive Able to propose believable, convincing and correct arguments and requests. Very useful when someone else is undecided on and issue.
Seductive Able to entice and tempt. You can use your good looks and your body to get what you want from others.
Witty Cleverly humorous. Jokes and jests come easily to you, and you are percieved as a funny person when you want to be.