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Spirit Sight/Sense

You may sense spirits in the area. You can also perceive the auras, around creatures , including the auras around magickal items and familiars which are inhabited by spirits.
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate


Look into the Umbra

You may send your perceptions into the Umbra. . To have umbral excursions, go grab a narrator. Note that while your perceptions are in the Umbra, they are not in your body, so whatever perceptions you send into the umbra (you don't need to send them all) you cannot use in physical reality. You may also determine the gauntlet level of an area by winning a simple test.
Cost: 1 mental trait per sense, per 10 minutes

Call Spirit

You may also send your voice through the gauntlet with the same game mechanics as Umbral Peeking. You should know the name of the spirit wanted, otherwise, anything (and everything) can answer the call. If you succeed, you may ask the spirit to come to them. The spirit does not necessarily have to come to the calling, however.
Cost: 1 mental trait per calling


Side Stepping

You can physically transport yourself and your possessions to the Umbra. By breaching the gauntlet, you may transform yourself and your possessions to ephemera, the stuff of spirit, but which will possess a kind of a glow which denizens of the Umbra will detect as belonging to a living being. After you reaches the penumbra, you can go wherever they like (assuming they have Cosmology or a spirit guide), up to the borders which mark the Horizon and the Deep Umbra.
Cost: 1 mental traits to Side Step


Rend Gauntlet/Seal Breach

You may now raise or lower the gauntlet rating by one, according to the Gauntlet Table. Note that tearing holes in the gauntlet is quite vulgar and, in most situations, also quite inappropriate and dangerous.
This effect can be used to trap beings in the gauntlet. By pulsing the gauntlet of the area, you may trap a being in the gauntlet. If you are successful, the poor fool will be trapped inside the gauntlet until they are released by some nice spirit traveller. Beings trapped in the gauntlet in this fashion disappear completely, but can be sensed through magickal means (Aura Perception) . The target may be released at any time by the one who casted the effect.
Cost: 3 mental traits

Create Gate

You man now create a gate which will allow others to travel into the umbra.
Cost: 1 mental trait per cat-sized object, 2 per human - sized, 3 for small car, 4 for a bus

Bind Spirit

You may compel a spirit to do your bidding. First, you must use the Call Spirit effect. If your willpower rating is higher than the spirit's, it must now answer the call.
You must then bid a number of mental traits higher than the spirit's Willpower rating. If the effect is successful, then the spirit must do your bidding for the next half hour. Note that when this wears off, the spirit will be free, and will probably not be very happy.
Cost: # of mental traits higher than the spirit's willpower rating


Forge Ephemera

You may create and destroy fields of spirit. . You may also fabricate Domains in the Umbra.. Lastly, the dreaded Gilgul rite is possible at this level of mastery. You may attack a mage's Avatar. This is always considered vulgar.
Cost: 1 willpower to create Ephemera, 1 willpower to initiate the Gilgul rite

Outwards Journeys

The Master of Spirit can break through Gaia's horizon and can traverse the Deep Umbra.
Cost: 1 willpower to initiate journey

Create Portal

You can create a stable 8' by 6' gate which lasts 2 months. Anything or anyone passing through the portal sidesteps into the umbra and vice versa. Various spirits and other umbral travellers can dicsover the gate from the other side. This effect is usually considered quite vulgar.
Cost: 5 mental traits