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Time Sense

You intuitively know what time it is, regardless of where you are, and can sense 'weird stuff' with respect to time (Programmed events, slow time fields, etc.).
Cost: 1 mental trait to activate


Past/Future Sight

You can send your perceptions backwards and forwards in time. While your perceptions are not in the present, you cannot sense the present.
Cost: 1 mental trait for each 10 minute scene


Time Contraction/Dilation

You can slow down time in an area. Everything in that area moves slower looking in at it from the outside, and looking outside from it, everything moves quicker. Or the other way around. If there are any questions, ask a narrator. This effect is considered vulgar.
Cost: 2 mental traits for time to pass twice as slowly or twice as fast


Freeze Time

You may freeze time in the area affected for a length of time. You may freeze an event in time, such as a cup falling, or a magickal effect, or a message, or a bucket above a door. Static reality however, will interpose and cancel a frozen time field if something else affects it.
Cost: 3 mental traits per 5 rounds ( must be recast)


Time Immunity

You can now pluck yourself out of time. While outside of Time, you may affect reality in the normal sense, but reality is frozen. Anything brought with you cannot affect anything while outside of the time stream - only the casting mage can. If you leave anything outside of time, they are trapped there until you choose to bring the back. Any witnesses only see the object or person disappear, then immediately reappear. The object or person may have been trapped for up to a year.
Cost: 1 willpower to step out of time

Future Travel

You may move things into the future or the past. This effect is limited to the mage's possible lifetime. This effect can be cast conjunctionally with a Disciple level pattern magick to skip the objects affected ahead in time that far. That area disappears in the current time, and reappears in the future. The effect can be cancelled at any 'pulling back' the item sent into the future back to the present.
Cost: 1 willpower