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                                                  "Seek not in the Darkness, for fear of corruption;
                                                  Seek not in Daylight, for fear of discovery.
                                                  Ascension walks the Middle Path of Shade
                                                  That Awakened may lead And Sleepers follow without fear."

Some background information:

The society of the traditions is not highly structured, however, there are some customs all mages are expected to follow. They are simple rules of behavior taught to all apprentices. Each Tradition interprets the Protocols slightly differently, but most of the maxims hold true for all. Generally the Protocols revolve around behaving honorably. Here are some of the most common and well known:

- Respect those of greater knowledge.

- A debt to a tutor must be repaid.

- A mage's word is his honor; never break a sworn vow

- Do not betray your cabal or Chantry

- Do not conspire with the Technocracy or other enemies of Ascension

- Protect the Sleepers; they are ignorant of what they do

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