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Permanent Paradox Flaws

As a side-effect of Paradox, some mages start off the game with permanent paradox flaws. As the name suggests, these flaws last for the duration of the mage's life. Each point of permanent paradox gives three creation points.

Use the examples as guidelines only.

One - Point Flaws

Minor flaws which are usually no more than a nuisance and last the duration of the session. Examples: watches running in reverse, milk curdling, a fire burning without its fuel being consumed, shadows falling towards the light source, a reversal of the sense of taste etc...

Two - Point Flaws

These flaws are more dramatic and last for at least two sessions. Examples: scars reopening into wounds, mirror images acting differently from the objects they reflect; right-handed people becoming left-handed, nearby sounds echoing indefinitely, streams running uphill, etc....

Three - Point Flaws

These major flaws are much more prominent and inhibit the character significantly and last a month of game time. Examples: things falling upward, specific memories radically changing, the character's face wrinkling as from old age, inversion of the character's sense of hearing -- whispers are heard as screams and vice versa, etc . .

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